Aaron Winters
I might be an artist, a writer, a publisher and an academic, but, primarily, I design.
Since April 2018, I’ve been the sole User Experience Designer inside the Information Resources & Technology division at California State University, Sacramento.  In this full-time, in-house role, I often support the development, adoption and maintenance of an active, well-formed and accessible user experience across the University’s digital channels. I have also been central to the school’s Accessible Technology Initiative while administering accessibility monitoring, reporting and training for campus content editors. 
I most recently lead the design and custom implementation of a sub-site that supports the current University Advancement fundraising campaign.​​​​​​​
Professional Projects
My independent design consultancy continues on in a limited form. This work reflects my interest in experience-driven brand development projects, including experiential graphics, augmented, and built environments. A brief collection of past client and personal work is available on Behance.
​​​​​​Inquire for case studies in the fields of: Design Consultation & Web Design, Brand Analysis & Discovery, Social Media Planning & Digital Content Strategy.
Creative Practice
I enjoy working on various personal projects, formal explorations in mixed-media and acrylic, and multiple writing projects.
— Songs Illuminated skateboard photography zine
— In partnership with Bay Area designer (and fellow VCFA alum) Mike Scaringe, designed and fabricated a large-scale interactive installation within m5arts’ ArtStreet.
— Wrote and conducted a self-directed workshop for designing contextual messaging at the University of Pacific.
— Poster design included in the 9th United Design Conference show, held in Lichtenstein.
— Textile work included in the Crossroads group show, Carter Art Center, Kansas City, Missouri.
— Dimensional Woodwork included in NOW group show, Eichold Gallery, Mobile, Alabama.
While pursuing my MFA at Vermont School of Fine Arts from 2012–’14, I worked as a Digital Marketing Consultant & Trainer at the Northeastern California Small Business Development Center and taught graphic design in the Los Rios Community College District. I taught at the Art Institute of California, Sacramento in 2015–’16.
In what feels like a previous life by now, I was the in-house Art Director for the California Landscape Contractors Association for ten years. During that time I also took on graphic design projects under the Abide Visuals and Aaron Winters Creative Professional names. 
I produced award-winning package designs for the Weird Forest, Suicide Squeeze, Narnack, 5RC, and Clairecords record labels for artists such as Noveller, Lil B, Grouper, Emeralds, Hella and dozens more. I also handled freelance art direction duties for a variety of print magazines, from the local Fork It, Legend, and Midtown Monthly titles to the Canadian COLOR skateboarding magazine.
Also during that time, I was active showing in, organizing, and curating group art shows locally and across the West Coast from 2003–’07. I self-published two issues of the Exit Strategy art annual and managed The Ultramega artists collective.